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The NXT Wrestling Fan

Dec 14, 2019

The podcast has reached double digits and is now allowed to stay up until 9pm! To celebrate this benchmark we watch the crowning of the NXT Women's Championship in the episode of NXT that originally aired on July 24th, 2013. Also on this episode:  

  • Brad Maddox and Tom Phillips are okay!
  • Paige and Emma turn the volume up to 11, and it's awesome
  • Bob sees Triple H for the first time
  • Tyler Breeze' Blue Steel > Zoolander's Blue Steel
  • Chad: the worst vampire
  • Sheamus is a cool, sexy ghost
  • #Buttwatch returns!
  • Bob and Miles have lots of feelings about women's wrestling
  • A plug for Bob's new podcast Garden Plots with Skeletor!

By the way, that is, in fact, our music! It's called "Learnbuckle" and it was created by the uniquely talented Rafael Medina, whose work you can and should follow via his Twitter account, @EarthMeauxFaux! You can also follow Miles @mjschneiderman, MeganBob @meganbobness, and the show itself @nxtwrestlingfan, or visit

Additional music and sound credit to:

"Eyes Gone Wrong", "Greta Sting", "NewsSting", "Samba Stings,"  "The Snow Queen"  
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0