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The NXT Wrestling Fan

Jul 25, 2020

Well, it took 26 episodes, but we finally got somebody on the show who has spent real, actual time in The Business. In their coverage of the episode of NXT that originally aired on November 13th, 2013, Miles and MeganBob are joined by ring announcer and commentator Jeph B. Lee! We discuss Jeph's background and philosophy toward wrestling, as well as various episode-specific topics, including:

  • The foreshadowing of Charlotte Flair
  • Camacho is neither Mexican nor a gang member, despite what NXT would have you believe
  • Can a wrestler be suddenly de-pushed?
  • "I swear, if a history lesson on the British Isles is what it takes to make you care about this Mason Ryan/Danny Burch match, pass me that permanent marker and a globe." -- William Regal
  • The mystery of the unassuming ring announcer
  • Adrian Neville makes all Bob's dreams come true
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