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The NXT Wrestling Fan

Sep 5, 2020

These days, a lot of us here in the United States are in the market for a new country, and Canada is the classic option for would-be American expatriates. Unfortunately, for obvious and very sane reasons, that's not currently an option. So, in honor of the 29 members of the U.S. Congress who recently asked Canada to reconsider opening the border, we're proud to bring you Episode #29, covering the NXT episode that originally aired on December 4th, 2013, so you too can experience Canada vicariously through its associated pro wrestlers! Highlights include:

  • Natalya, Tyson Kidd, and the horrors of the Hart Dungeon
  • How the sharpshooter got its extremely petty name
  • The most painful crossbodies ever
  • The ballad of Johnny Armani
  • Cesaro understands how pro wrestling works
  • Time shenanigans
  • Cuddle or nothing, featuring Mister Rogers and Skeletor
By the way, that is, in fact, our music! It's called "Learnbuckle" and it was created by the uniquely talented Rafael Medina, whose work you can and should follow via his Twitter account, @EarthMeauxFaux! You can also follow Miles @mjschneiderman, MeganBob @meganbobness, and the show itself @nxtwrestlingfan, or visit And if you'd like to support the show, check out our Patreon at
Additional music and sound credit to:
"Eyes Gone Wrong", "Greta Sting", "NewsSting," "Samba Stings," "District Four," "Semi-Funk" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0