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The NXT Wrestling Fan

Feb 20, 2021

We made it! The NXT Wrestling Fan has finally arrived at NXT Arrival, the very first NXT live special, which originally aired on February 27th, 2014! And joining us on this special Mason-Ryan-sized episode is Lindsey Kelk of the Tights and Fights podcast! We have so much to go over, including:

  • Lindsey is a wrestling fan AND a romance author, so as you can imagine, Bob has questions
  • Sami Zayn, Antonio Cesaro, and literally all of the feels
  • A 40-year-old man does the Worm
  • Stephanie McMahon is amazing at her job; Shawn Michaels, not so much
  • The best submission finisher anybody has ever seen
  • Adrian Neville achieves his final form
  • Triple H was right when he said NXT Arrival was the future, but not in the way he thought

Our theme song is called "Learnbuckle" and it was created by the uniquely talented Rafael Medina, whose work you can and should follow via his Twitter account, @EarthMeauxFaux! You can also follow Miles @mjschneiderman, MeganBob @meganbobness, and the show itself @nxtwrestlingfan. And if you'd like to support the show, check out our Patreon at

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