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The NXT Wrestling Fan

Jul 10, 2021

Much like the episode of NXT that originally aired on May 8th, 2014, we find our own fun on this journey, and this time we're bringing along Claire Mulkerin! She's here to tell us what the MCU could learn from wrestling and uncover yet more Bo Dallas secrets. Along the way, we cover:
  • Miles "Trojan Horse" Schneiderman
  • An unexpected sock puppet
  • Don't make the middle part boring!
  • It's party time! all the time!
  • The prettiest Northern Lights Suplex
  • Thank you, Tyson!
  • The longest ringing of the bell
  • "Imaginative Brownies"
  • Girls are great!
If you enjoyed Claire's presence on the episode, and want to check out her work, visit or follow her on twitter @ClaireMulkerin.

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