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The NXT Wrestling Fan

Oct 16, 2021

We get a double-Schneiderman experience as we're joined by Sharon Schneiderman to cover the momentous episode of NXT that originally aired on June 26th, 2014, which features the in-ring debut of Becky Lynch. Her wrestling more than makes up for the unfortunate gimmick, we promise! Also in this episode: 

  • Don't cheat to win against jobbers
  • Eddie Kingston cosplay
  •  Becky Lynch is amazing in the ring
  • Two soapboxes
  • Colonialism blows!
  • Lady Whistledown meets Big Cass
  • RVD is beautiful and we love him
  • "Yes, and" not "No, but" 
  • The exceedingly short career of Matt Sugarman
  • The Numbers Don't Lie

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