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The NXT Wrestling Fan

Feb 5, 2022

Apologies for the sound quality in Episode #66 - beyond some technical difficulties we had in recording this one, Miles was also recovering from COVID, so he might not sound entirely like his usual foul-mouthed anti-capitalist self. Fortunately, we have some back-up in the form of Kam Servo, who's here to bring her unique perspective on wrestling to the episode of NXT that originally aired on August 21st, 2014! Topics of conversation include:

  • WWE's Saturday morning cartoon
  • The worst thing that could ever happen to Enzo Amore
  • Triple H's suits still don't fit
  • Mojo Rawley can't buy a squash match
  • Another banger from the entirely too small women's division
  • Eugenics
  • A bunch of good flippy boys
  • The inspirational story of Mad Maxine

Our theme song is called "Learnbuckle" and it was created by the uniquely talented Rafael Medina, whose work you can and should follow via his Twitter account, @EarthMeauxFaux! You can also follow Miles @mjschneiderman, MeganBob @meganbobness, and the show itself @nxtwrestlingfan. And if you'd like to support the show, check out our Patreon at

Additional music and sound credit to:

NewsSting by Kevin MacLeod

Teddy Bear Waltz by Kevin MacLeod
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Green Fingers by Richard Rodgers

Discovery Hit by Kevin MacLeod